Hello world

by Edgar Ong | Last Updated: July 17, 2020


Hi, my name is Edgar and I'm a software engineer.

I wasn't always but in 2019, I signed up and completed a full stack development curriculim from Flatiron School. It was the best decision I ever made!

I was also very fortunate to be able to accept an offer, within a month of graduation, with a company I was really interested in.

The reason I created this blog is because I want to resume the habits I developed at Flatiron School of writing a monthly blog. I kinda stopped after I graduated but you can check out my Medium for my past blogs.

Why not continue on Medium?

Well, Medium has great content but the experience reading on their site isn't the best. Paywalls suck. If I want to share my content, I don't want it to be behind one.

Also, I want to build a blog from scratch. So I did!


Let's start with personal goals, I want to share my knowledge and experiences.

Knowledge would consist mostly of coding or design (UI/UX) related things.

Experiences would include how I went through the coding bootcamp, how I prepared for my first software engineer interviews, and how my past work experiences help shape my current role as a software engineer.

My secondary goals are for you, the reader. I want to add value to the reason that brought you here, whether it's to learn more about coding bootcamps, whether they're worth it (it is), or whatever else, I want to be able to help!

With that said... hello world!