I notice my friends who post on WeChat Moments receive few to no engagement on their posts.

WeChat Moments

No engagement at all for my friends 🙁

In comparison to social media networks in the US, on Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG), people usually have at least 1 Like or 1 Comment per post.

User Story: As a user, I find it difficult to Like and Comment on a post so I don’t do it.

Business Value: If users can engage with a post faster, it will happen more often and therefore increase time spent in Moments.

Key Metrics for Success

  • Increase time spent in Moments
  • Increase Likes and Comments




It currently takes two (2) taps to engage with a post.

The idea is to reduce taps to engage and encourage commenting.

User Flow to Like and Comment:

  1. Tap [..] icon
  2. Tap Like
  3. Tap [..] icon
  4. Tap Comment
  5. Write comment and send


WeChat Like

A heart to represent Like can be added below the user avatar.

Beneath the user avatar, there is space regardless of how much content is in the post.

Since the only engagement options for WeChat Moments is Like and Comment, I want to make it easy to comment after liking a post.

WeChat Comment

The comment box appears after liking a post to encourage conversation.

New User Flow to Like and Comment:

  1. Tap Like
  2. Write comment and send

Product Requirement

  • Increase time spent in Moments by increasing engagement
  • Engagement can increase by reducing the taps it takes to Like and Comment

Design Requirement

  • Users should be able to Like or Comment with one tap instead of the current two taps
  • Users should have comment box ready to input text if they Like a post